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hockey pool

Box Selection Pool

This format is similar to the ones you see in magazines & newspapers. Participants select a player from each box of similarly grouped players. This pool does not require your group to get together as drafts require. Entries can be submitted online prior to the deadline you specify. You can also print out entry forms. Choose from either our own default groupings or create your own hockey pool boxes.

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  2. box selection poolbox selection pool
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  • You can use our default boxes made up of the top players and goalies in the NHL
  • You can use our pre-designed boxes as a template and edit it as you wish
  • Create your own boxes from scratch using our wizard
  • No limit on the number of boxes or players per box
  • Assign different point systems to different boxes
  • Ability to have a box for teams, not just players

  • Entries

  • Set any entry deadline you wish
  • Ability to show or hide people's entries as they are submitted (prior to the deadline)
  • No limit on the number of entries
  • Ability to restrict entries to 1 per email address
  • Ability to allow or disallow online submission of entries

  • Stats

  • Live, real-time stats
  • Tracking for almost every stat category including shootouts
  • Both player and team stats
  • Support for fractional points (example: 0.5 points for a PPG)
  • View historical data for the week, month or any other date range

  • Communication

  • Private trash talk message board
  • New announcement feature for pool administrators

  • Rule & Transactions

  • Flexible "Top N" rule (example: count only the top 10 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goalie)
  • Support for reserved rosters
  • Ability to manage virtually any type of transaction including trades, additions, drops

  • Injuries

  • Daily injury report
  • Injured players are marked

  • Other

  • Top pick per box
  • Points per game
  • Selection recap
  • Player profiles
  • Players in action
  • Reports
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