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hockey pool

Branded Solution

If you are a newspaper, magazine, radio station, TV station, sporting good store, minor league or other organization and want your brand or products in front of thousands of users on a daily basis, our solution is the one for you. We provide brand-awareness that is far more effective and more bang for your buck than more traditional marketing techniques, such as full page magazine ads.

  1. standing hockey draftstandard hockey draft
  2. box selection poolbox selection pool
  3. public leagueskeeper league
  4. branded solutionbranded solution

Keep Their Eyes on Your Brand

  • Average user of our site logs in everyday
  • Your own hockey pool URL - http://YourCompany.HockeyDraft.ca
  • Or embed your hockey pool within your website
  • Customized to include your logo, company colours, etc.
  • Display banner ads along the top - You can get your own sponsors
  • Your Sponsors can provide prizes for your pool
  • Display announcements such as daily or weekly specials

  • More Information

    If you have any other questions or would just like to discuss our service in more detail, please email us at corporateaccountsemailhockeydraft.ca.

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