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Before contacting us, please visit our page of frequently asked questions. More often than not, your question will be answered there.
Are you contacting us about a possible stats discrepancy? If your question is with respect to the latest stats update, please refrain from contacting us right away. If there is a point discrepancy or error, this will automatically be fixed in the update to follow and will not affect your point total. We use the official stats provider of the NHL, so they are as accurate as you'll get. In the end, the official NHL stats are used.
Are you contacting us because you need some kind of change to your pool? If you require a change to your name, picks, etc., please contact your pool's administrator and he/she will be able to make the modification for you. If you are a pool admin, and need help with a problem, feel free to email us at the address below.
If you have any other questions, problems, or suggestions, please email us at staffemailhockeydraft.ca.
Please include your pool's username and admin password to help us troubleshoot any issues.
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