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hockey pool

Standard Hockey Draft

This is our most popular hockey pool format - a fully customizable solution. You have the ability to assign different points for different positions, have reserved rosters, goon players, count only the top N players of a certain position, do transactions and more! You will likely be able to use this system to track virtually any type of hockey pool that you may have organized.

  1. standing hockey draftstandard hockey draft
  2. box selection poolbox selection pool
  3. public leagueskeeper leagues
  4. branded solutionbranded solution
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  • Live, real-time stats
  • Tracking for almost every stat category including shootouts
  • Both player and team stats
  • Support for fractional points (example: 0.5 points for a PPG)
  • Ability to assign different points for different position or player types (example: goon)
  • View historical data for the week, month or any other date range

  • Communication

  • Private trash talk message board
  • New announcement feature for pool administrators

  • Rule & Transactions

  • Flexible "Top N" rule (example: count only the top 10 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goalie)
  • Support for reserved rosters
  • Ability to manage virtually any type of transaction including trades, additions, drops

  • Injuries

  • Daily injury report
  • Injured players are marked

  • Other

  • Top pick per round
  • The 3 stars (best picks of the draft)
  • Points per game
  • Draft recap
  • Player profiles
  • Players in action
  • Reports
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