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Fantasy Hockey Playoff Cheat Sheet

Like last year's hit cheat sheet, we have continued with the "generator" style for the playoffs. This allows you to customize and update the rankings according to your own playoff pool structure and team preferences.
  • Rankings can be customized according to your pool's point system.

  • You can rank the teams for each conference according to how you think each team will do and the cheat sheet will spit out rankings that are even more customized.

  • For those that just want to be given player & goalie rankings without having to rank teams, we have ranked the teams for you according to who we think is most likely to go all the way.

  • Forwards, defensemen and goalies are all ranked

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Note: We still get lots of testimonials each season but haven't bothered adding them to the site.
I wanted to email you and thank you for the playoff cheat sheet. I'm heading into the finals and I've got it in the bag. Playoffs are a lot different than regular season drafts and your cheat sheet takes the differences into account. If you're ever in town, hit me up for a beer! I owe ya! - Chris K., Brandon, MB
The cheat sheet generator worked like a charm. I knew the teams I wanted to go with and even though I wasn't completely right on that, your system allowed me to pick the right guys at the right time. Poor suckers that bring a magazine... hahaha! - Bobby N, Victoria, BC
Brilliant results after using your cheat sheet for the first time. Looks like I'm going to win 2 of my 3 pools and the one I lost was due to the fact that I decided not to follow the sheet and use my own intuition… ha! Learned my lesson. :) Thanks HockeyDraft. - Drew L, Windsor, ON
I don't know how you guys do it! I used your cheat sheet to picks players for four different people (including myself) as three of the guys couldn't make it to the draft. Those four people are currently ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 14th! The guy in 14th would be doing a lot better but suffered several key injuries to guys like Parise, which no one could have predicted! You're making me look like a genius!! - Customer wants to remain anonymous
Updated Email Testimonial: Just a quick update to let you know that I won my hockey pool for a 3rd year in a row using your Cheat Sheet and this time the margin wasn't even close.

Gonna be using it again this year and try to clean the house again! It will be the 3rd year purchasing your cheat sheet. In the last 2 years, I won my hockey pool and last year it was over with a few months left to the season. My friends watch a lot more hockey than me and follow the season a lot more closely but it seems that your cheat sheet gives me the edge every year. They always laugh at me when I come to the pool with my cheat sheet but they all buy magazines that are about the same price. Well thank you and I'll try to be 3 in 3 this year! - Alex, Montréal, QC
I would like to start off by thanking the staff at hocky draft. This is my 3rd year entering a hockey pool and I never won until this year. I entered 2 hockey pools in 2009/10 and won them both thanks to the cheet sheet provided at the beginning of the year. In one pool, I did it with 1 less player because he was out for the season after the first game. I would highly recommend this cheat sheet to anyone who enters in a hockey pool and to use this Hockey Draft as their host. People at hockey draft truly take their time into their research and it definitely showed with the list they put together. This is a service I will continue to use year in and year out. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. - Customer wants to remain anonymous
Updated Email Testimonial: I had won 2 years in a row - make that 3.

I've been in a pool since the mid 90s with a few school buddies. Have had some success, but not like since I started using the cheatsheet. The last two years in a row have been mine. It's like playing with my sister's kids. - J.P.
Hi Hockey Draft Team, I've used your cheat sheet for three years now and have won two of my pools. I won the first two years and came third last year. The only reason I didn't win last season was because I ran into some injury problems - Briere and Brodeur. I know even you guys couldn't have predicted that. Anyways, I got the third place prize so thanks again for some amazing picks. - Mark Romano, Windsor ON
Hey I just wanted to let you know that because of the cheat sheet, I won my first hockey pool at work - $300 in my pocket and a whole lot of bragging rights. There were 15 people in the pool and I just went down the list. If a player was chosen by someone else, I just took the next one off the list.. it worked so well that I won by 100 points! Everyone was shocked. Thanks! I'll be purchasing your cheat sheet next year as soon as it comes out. - Brad, Vancouver BC
"I just wanted to thank you guys for your cheat sheet. Each year everyone laughs at me because I always come in last. This time I won both of my pools by a landslide. Look who's laughing now!! :) Thank you!!" - Michelle P., Calgary AB
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