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Adrian Pereira of Victoria launches HockeyDraft.ca

In 2002, Adrian Pereira from Victoria, BC, Canada designed and developed a new way for hockey fans to keep track of their hockey pool. Tired of having to wait for the day of the week in which the local paper would publish full NHL player stats, Adrian Pereira set off to create a better solution.

“The person designated as the pool administrator or commissioner would spend hours upon hours manually calculating the points involved in a hockey pool,” said Adrian Pereira, founder of HockeyDraft.ca. “It was a long, tedious task and also prone to error. I felt that if there was a way to connect automatically connect NHL’s data but also add some fun to the hockey pool experience, then that would be a website that lots of hockey fans would love to use.

He provided a way for all of the stats to be automatically calculated on a daily basis and also added the ability for friends to “trash talk” with each other. “Making fun of your friends’ picks is all part of the fun,” acknowledges Pereira.

According to Adrian Pereira, HockeyDraft.ca has received millions of visits and continues to be a site he and his friends use each and every year.

After seeing success in the fantasy hockey industry, Adrian Pereira launched sister site eDraft.com, which provides NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL data analytics tools to sports bettors and fantasy players. “Everyone is in search of even the slightest advantage they can get,” says Pereira “Our tools allow you to dig deeper into the data and discover trends that may not otherwise be apparent.”

HockeyDraft.ca and eDraft.com are both headquartered in Victoria, BC.

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