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Web Sim Hockey

Understanding Simulated Hockey

A lot of people are wondering what is a hockey simulator, or simulated hockey. Many questions come to mind when thinking about it. Is it directly related with the NHL? Is it like a pool or a fantasy league? Do you have to follow the NHL to be good at it? Who plays simulated hockey? Do we actually play the game with a controller? Do I play alone or with other people?

As you can see, questions are endless, but answers are hard to be found unless you played the game before or know someone who did.

Let's try to do that now by going through a list of facts:

Fact Number 1: We replicate a professional hockey league.

Without going into each and every various things that you will do as a General Manager of a Web Sim Hockey League, you should at least know that we replicate as much as possible the reality of a professional hockey league. For starters, each league has its own customizable rules, a commissioner and a trade committee.

Every GM has to manage the financial aspect of their franchise, as well as on-ice strategies. Some of the tasks include arena construction and administration, team and player investments, contract management of coaches and players, game plan, lineups, strategies, practices and so on.

Fact Number 2: The NHL season has no impact on your day-to-day or long-term success.

Since this is simulated hockey, the only thing that matters is what your team does in the league you are playing in. You can picture this as if the NHL stopped existing and your league has taken over as a replacement.

Fact Number 3: Players value is defined through attributes.

What is the difference between Martin St-Louis and Bobby Ryan, or between Robert Luongo and Jaroslav Halak? How can you capture the essence of those players on the ice and transpose that in the game?

We generate 14 attributes to every player, applying their latest statistics to our complex formulas so that we can come up with impressively accurate results. Those attributes are: Durability, Stamina, Discipline, Strength, Intensity, Speed, Finesse, Hockey Sense, Faceoff, Shooting (Block Shot for goalies), Passing, Leadership, Experience and Defense.

For each play that occurs in the simulated games, there is a percentage of these attributes that is used. The percentage and the attributes that are used for each play vary depending on the play that is attempted.

Fact Number 4: This is a multiplayer online game.

There is nothing like comparing your skills with other people who will do everything to have the better team. Our leagues are made of 24 managers competing against each other, whether it's for the better draft picks, to win hockey games or have the upper hand in a blockbuster trade!

You can discuss trade talks on our live, online chat. It's very rewarding when you reach an agreement and finally complete a trade.

Have you ever thought how hard it can be to sign an unrestricted free agent in the NHL? Not knowing what the competition will offer and how much money you can invest in a player are both important factors in deciding what your final offer will be.

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Web Sim Hockey

Web Sim Hockey is an online hockey manager, powered by a custom-built simulator engine, providing the perfect environment for every armchair general manager out there. With the help of our active community, we offer the right tools and flexibility so that our managers can establish a durable, long term dynasty in their respective leagues.

It's different. It's unique.

Web Sim Hockey offers something unique that is genuinely fun to play. There are so many things included in this game that it's hard to list all of the features that it offers. But in the end, what matters the most is that we provide the perfect environment and tools so that you can be the best armchair general manager there is!

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